4 Ways To Improve Adult Education in 2024  

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If you’re currently working within the adult education sector, you will know that there have been some problems within the industry spanning quite a few years. The pandemic has highlighted a huge skills gap across many different industries, leaving many adults in need of qualifications and upskilling to be able to progress in their careers. When it comes to retraining or developing an existing career, there are many ways adult education can be improved to support all of our adult learners throughout the world. Here are 4 ways to improve adult education in 2024. 

Keep Up To Date With News

One of the best things you can do if you want to improve the state of adult education is to ensure you’re keeping up with the news. For example, in the UK, grandfather rights are ending for construction workers. This means that construction workers who gained their CSCS card through industry accreditation are no longer able to renew their cards – they need an NVQ. This leaves thousands of construction professionals in urgent need of upskilling this year – but keeping up with industry news is a great way to ensure that you’re preparing for events like these before they happen. 

Be Inclusive

Another main problem that is facing adult learners at the moment is the lack of inclusivity. Over the past decade, many efforts have been made to support learners who may struggle with traditional education, such as neurodivergent people. However, inclusivity can always be improved – especially in education. By making sure that your learners have access to all the support and auxiliary materials they might need, you can ensure that more adult learners stick with education. Inclusivity is one of the best things that adult educators can cultivate if they want to improve the sector in 2024. 

Look To The Future

It’s important that adult learners are equipped to work in the upcoming world, not just the current one. This means that green skills need to be developed in order for adults to take over green jobs and help cultivate a green economy. The world needs to become more sustainable in order for a future on this planet to be possible – so green skills need to be developed now. There are also sorts of green training possibilities across many different industries, such as retrofit qualifications for construction workers. Finding ways to promote green training efforts is essential if you want to prepare adult learners for the future. 

Find Funding Opportunities Where Possible 

One of the best things you can do to support your adult learners is to find funding opportunities where possible. Adult education can be very expensive, and many people often turn away from this because they can’t afford it. However, taking advantage of these funding opportunities can open doors for many adults across the world. For example, at the moment many local organisations in the UK are funding NVQs in construction – allowing workers to upskill, helping to close the widening skills gap. Ensuring adult learners have access to all funding available is essential to make it more accessible.